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Whether you want to know what you're buying, the Insurance Company wants to know what they are covering,  or you need to know someone has an eye on your home when you're away, Andy Marth Home Inspections has you covered!


Home Inspection
Not just anyone can provide a proper home inspection service. You will want to be assured that the Inspector you choose is well trained, highly qualified, licensed, insured, and has your best interests first and foremost! You want a thorough home inspection, not just one that briefly highlights the "what ifs" or "maybes". You want to be confident in your home purchase, as it typically is the most costly one you'll make in a lifetime. Ask for credentials, request a copy of a current license and insurance certificate - get the facts before you choose who has your back during this important purchase! Don't be left buying "The Money Pit" Andy Marth Home Inspection Services today!



Home Watch Service
A Wind Mitigation from Andy Marth Home Inspection Services can save you more than the cost of the inspection. The State of Florida  requires insurance companies to give homeowners discounts on their policies for wind mitigating features your house may have. Since the wind portion of your policy can be as much as 70% of the premium you pay (depending where in Florida you live),  you'll want to take advantage of the discounts this service can save you! 
Four-Point Inspections have become a requirement for most new policies written by insurance companies, especially  for homes aged 25 years and older. It gives insurance companies a good idea of what could become a liability to them. 
For the cost of these inspections, you could realize major savings - call today for your appointment!



For information on potential savings

Andy Marth Home Inspection Services has your house on its radar when you use our Home Watch service.

Sure, it's great to ask a friend or neighbor to "keep an eye on the place" in your absence......but is it the best choice for your deserved Peace of Mind?? Can you truly rely on Uncle Ned to remember to do this, and exactly how cost effective is it when a concern goes unnoticed and you are saddled with a costly repair bill?


Andy Marth Home Inspection Services will visit your home on time and on a schedule you choose. We verify home temperature settings, determine there are no leaks, running water, or other mishaps which could cause damage and unwanted expense, confirm entry points are secure and give more than a simple "walk through" of your property. These are only a few examples of the services we can provide for your home in your absence. Whatever your personal home needs may be, please give Andy Marth Home Inspection Services  a call; we can tailor a plan to fit your needs!

Interested in hiring me for any of these services? Let's Talk.​       (239) 707-1798
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